The Problem

Brands everywhere are frantically trying to reach people by spending billions on digital ads towards consumers. We now live in a world where brands have created a large social presence where people are eager to participate with brands. However, brands are still talking AT their audience and not WITH them.
  • Advertising/social media platforms control the brands' digital ad spending
  • Social media platforms know the amounts brands are willing to spend to reach their target audience and capitalize on it
  • The increasing cost of reach to the audience
  • Difficult to value engagement, are people actually interested in the brand?
  • Brands want to connect with their communities but 96% of people do not trust ads. Meanwhile, social ad spending has grown by 12% per year to US$229.50 billion in 2022.
  • While 80% of companies believe they deliver “super customer experiences,” only 8% of people agree.
  • People feel disconnected from brands and disconnection can impact their willingness to support a brand in the short/long term.
Lack of transparency
  • Platforms' objectives conflict with the users' objectives
  • Platforms' objectives conflict with the brands' objectives

Now “it’s time to invest our brainpower into an ecosystem that builds in quality, civility, transparency, privacy and control from the very start, P&G will steer dollars toward players that moderate comments, and link opinions to identities" -Marc Pritchard Proctor and Gamble CMO