The Solution

Our focus is to expand on the relationship’s brands have with their consumers. Treating their audience as individuals and valued members of their community and not solely for profit. This is done by allowing the individuals to share their stories with a brand through honest, impactful experiences. We build brand engagement opportunities by creating encounters. This is not built by influencers who may or may not even like the brand or have a brand's best interest at heart this is built by community members being empowered to share their stories. Organic marketing in its purest form.
Community driven
  • Integrated inside-out approach: people hear about brands through their friends
  • Create inclusive communities: people are accepted and provided a sense of belonging to both the brand and the community that supports it
  • Relatable people create content for brands and share the content to their social accounts
  • Focus on content that is genuine and unscripted; experiences that are unique to individuals.
  • Have people share stories from their past, and create new experiences/ connections in the future
Built for brand and consumer in mind
  • Brands' budgets go back to rewarding their communities