Why Us

Coming from creating and developing a brand we witnessed firsthand the roadblocks between brand and consumer marketing.
Throughout 2017 our CEO had their team try to reconstruct existing referral and loyalty programs to properly benefit the consumer. After testing existing solutions, we were unable to solve the core problem; how to get our community more engaged and provide extensive rewards rather than only rewarding for referrals.
We were already successful in creating viral contests. But where could we go from there? Numerous marketing experts recommended us to pay advertising platforms or affiliates 20–30% of a sale and be happy. But it was difficult to move past the lack of ability to reward our thousands of engaged followers for their support. Sure, we made referral programs, but who remembers their referral codes, and who wants to be spamming friends with links?
We have communicated with many influencer companies. Sure, some of them have built algorithms of the companies built fancy algorithms that profit from finding influencers' followers who match the brand's consumers. But how could we expand from there? Some companies had networks of micro/nano influencers who were paid or supplied free products with hopes for increased sales. In hindsight, the algorithms are no different than paying for ads. We began strategizing and developing marketing techniques and systems to improve and revolutionize marketing.